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Four Clowns Review: Daily Bruin

Daniel Boden, UCLA Daily Bruin – May 15, 2011 @ Sacred Fools Clowns: More lighthearted than a unicorn, more frightening than the Chupacabra, they have the uncanny ability to both delight audiences and make them want to hide under their beds. While many label all clowns as uniformly and unquestionably creepy (this is perhaps the reason why …
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New Review: Four Clowns – Huffington Post

George Heymont, Huffington Post – September 19, 2011 @ San Francisco Fringe The Four Clowns troupe recently ended a summer tour to Phoenix, Chicago, St. Paul, and Indianapolis with appearances at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. While their style can best be described as aggressively athletic and hilariously inappropriate. the element of surprise kicked in way before the …
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